Swimming across the Strait of Gibraltar and its administrative complexity.

From ACNEG we organize every year all the swim crossings in the Strait of Gibraltar. To do this, we ask for a series of documents, without which it isn’t possible to make this crossing by swimming.

Swimming in the Strait of Gibraltar has the particularity of complexity in terms of bureaucracy. This is because swimmers doing this challenge cross a maritime border between two different countries. Consequently, everything must be in optimal conditions both for the Spanish authorities and for the Moroccan authorities,

We are going to tell you how to have all the documentation in order. On our website are all the necessary documents to swim across the Strait of Gibraltar.


Once you decide that you want to swim across the Strait of Gibraltar, the first step is to REGISTER.



It is the only document required to make the reservation. Don’t send any more documentation until the date of the crossing is confirmed.

Currently ACNEG has adapted to technological innovations and you can complete this form completely online.

In it we will ask you for your personal data, crossing method and your availability.

You have two ways to do it:

  • Directly from our website (RECOMMENDED), or
  • Downloading the form on our website and sending it to acneg@acneg.com


It is an automated way that ensures your position on the waiting list at the same time it is sent to the database.

  1. Go to www.acneg.com
  2. Click on “Register Now”.
  3. At the bottom of the web page you will see the fields to fill in to do it online.
  4. Complete them.
  5. Send them.
  6. Save the reference number.

The reference number tells you that you are already positioned on the list. You just have to wait for us to contact you.


Technology sometimes has its drawbacks. Sometimes it can stop working properly. If this happens, we can opt for the second (taking special care when doing so):

  1. Download the registration form from our website.
  2. Fill it out and sign it.
  3. Send it to acneg@acneg.com.

Important: Check the Spam folder of your email periodically.

In both cases it is important that you fill in all the information requested. It is important information for us.

There is even a section where you can tell us about other data related to the journey that you consider to be of interest to it.


It is vitally important that, at the time of registration, you send us your valid passport. It is the first document required when the swimmer’s presence has been confirmed in a given year.

The waiting list is usually several years, so it is recommended that the swimmer is waiting to renew his passport. This way we will avoid finding ourselves at the gates of the crossing with an expired passport.

This passport must be sent correctly scanned, so that the data of the person and the photo that accompanies these data can be clearly seen and there are no problems regarding their identification.

Important: Don’t forget to bring your original passport to your crossing. It may be required by the authorities.

How to scan the passport?

If you have a PC with a scanner and printer, you can do it the traditional way. If you don’t have, today there are many mobile applications that can do this job. Here we name a few.

  • On Iphone: CamScanner, iScanner, Scannable, ScannerPro,
  • On Android: Google drive, Simple Scan, Genius Scan, Quick Scan, My Scans, iScanner, Document Scanner, Easy Scanner,

Please, before sending us your passport, make sure that the photo and the data are clear.


All swimmers have a unique story behind them and at ACNEG we like to personalize each swim across the Strait of Gibraltar.

Secondly, the Strait of Gibraltar is a very particular crossing with very complex climatic and maritime conditions. This means that some minimum parameters are required to be able to carry it out successfully.

In your sports curriculum we will be able to meet you and find out if you meet the minimum requirements to make your journey.

In addition, our expert professionals, for 23 years now, will be able to organize the crossing adapting it to your individual or group sports characteristics.

On the internet you can find many examples of specific sports CVs for swimmers.


For security reasons, ACNEG makes available to swimmers a medical certificate that will be filled out and signed by the corresponding collegiate doctor, or by an officially recognized clinic.

It is a vitally important document.

It must cover all aspects of effort, urine and blood tests, electro and general physical examination.

This document certifies that the swimmer is in perfect health and doesn’t suffer from any type of illness that prevents him or her from swimming across the Strait of Gibraltar.

It is important that this certificate is completed in all its parts.

The obligatory tests are: ECG (electrocardiogram), spirometry and capillary blood glucose.

If you are over 60 years of age, please pay special attention to the part of the certificate where the compulsory medical tests are detailed from this age: Cardiac stress test (If you are not 60 years of age or older, it is NOT obligatory).

The medical part must contain all the data of the doctor who made the certificate and must be stamped on the last page with his full name and collegiate number.

Doctor Information


Page 4: Important stamp on this part of the certificate and the full name of the doctor, even if it has already been placed on page 3

This is important because it attributes the responsibility to the doctor who performs these tests and from ACNEG we have to verify that everything is correct and that the data is correct and valid.

Important: The medical certificate can be delivered by email from January of the same year in which the swim will take place until days before it so that we can verify everything.

The original certificate will be delivered on the day of the Breafing to the coordinator of the Association.

If it wasn’t correctly carried out or completed, at Tarifa Medical Center you can have it ready in 30 minutes by appointment.


Photo: Carlos Hidalgo

All these recommendations will streamline the entire process on the way to achieving your dream: Swimming across the Strait of Gibraltar.

From here we will make sure that it is an unforgettable experience for you, ensuring your safety and your comfort.

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